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You can report maintenance issues to us by setting up an online account. To do this:

    1. Click on the Login button across the top of the page

    2. Complete the "Would You Like To Create An Account?"

    3. You will then receive an email with your password

    4. Log in to view already reported jobs and to report
        new ones.

If you are unable to report the maintenance online, please contact the office . Please avoid waiting until Friday afternoon to report maintenance issues as it is difficult for us to address your concerns over the weekend.

  What is an Emergency?

In our opinion, an emergency situation is one where the issue is life threatening or dangerous, or may result in injury or public liability claim or a serious deterioration of the property.

If you have an emergency situation outside office hours then please text or call 07769 271 553 or email Please ONLY use these contact details in an EMERGENCY
  What faults are tenants expected to deal with?

We expect tenants to carry out minor maintenance at the property. As an example, if a door handle becomes loose you should attempt to tighten it. Similarly, light bulbs should be replaced by tenants when they fail and batteries in smoke alarms should be replaced as necessary. For toilet, sink and waste blockages, we expect you to unblock it and would advise using unblocking chemicals that can be purchased at most super markets. Electrical issues, you should check your consumer unit at the property and the fused spur (if applicable) to the appliance.